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Are you a researcher?

Reduce your costs speaking with others that have the equipment you need

Do you belong to a R & D Center?

Publish your underused equipment and services that offer, and thereby get a performance

Are you looking for technical equipment?

Check out who might have what you need and get in touch with that person

Are you a self-employed?

Seeks what others offer and avoid unnecessary expenses on the acquisition of equipment

Do you have equipment in your company?

Share with others what you do not use and you offer, and get a return


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R & D Centers

In many investigations is obtained equipment that is subsequently underused. Share associated services with other institutions or companies is a perfect solution that can provide income and contacts in order to further research.

Public Institutions

Share equipment that are underused and services allows a better use of institutional resources, which is one of the clear demands of citizens today, favouring a better public image of the organization.

Private Companies

Businesses often require equipment whose acquisition it is not profitable. To find the equipment that you need only paying for its service is a good way to reduce costs and access to new business opportunities.


In some cases it is difficult to justify the acquisition of equipment only for a specific research. Sharing it allows subsequent performance and make contacts with others who want your services together with the adquiered know-how, generating new sources of projects and collaborations.

Freelancers and Cooperatives

The business sometimes requires use of equipment with a high cost. Find what others share, whether independent or within a cooperative, allows to achieve objectives without firing the expenditure and without having to make a large initial investment.