Registration and access to the platform is FREE for those who want to search for a good.

The cost for those organizations or users wishing to register their goods is variable depending on the number of items and the type of organisation to which belongs the user, as shown in the following table *, being possible to accumulate several packs.

Public organisms

Pack '25'

up to 25 goods

100 €/year


Pack '125'

up to 125 goods

450 €/year


Pack '500'

up to 500 goods

1.500 €/year

Private companies, business associations and professional freelancers

Pack 'S'

up to 5 goods

30 €/year


Pack 'M'

up to 25 goods

125 €/year


Pack 'L'

up to 100 goods

400 €/year

* prices without taxes