We offer a wide range of services to R&D Centers, researchers, public administrations, companies and freelancers.

Publication of equipment

Publish the underutilized goods available


Free or pay?

Share your equipment by charging for use or free of charge ; you are who choose its conditions.


Comfortable user registration

The register is identified by the domain of your e-mail and you are automatically associated to your organization


Advanced search

Filter by organization, distance, equipment conditions, ...


Permissions control

Indicate whether your equipment is visible all over the world or just within your organization



Change the status of each of your goods when they are shared or used to avoid unnecessary contacts



Reference goods by using GPS coordinates and map for a better location


Automatic suggestions

Know what people are looking for and who has it near you, in case you have something similar and you are thinking about sharing it


Integration with Loop®

You can automatically associate your goods and research publications

and much more to discover ...